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Fís Project

The Fís Project is a nationwide initiative which invites children in primary schools to try their hand at film making. You can read more about it at www.fis.ie. Our school has been a part of this project since 2007. Each year, our sixth classes write, produce and direct a five minute movie. The movie is then entered into the Fís Film Festival in the Helix. In 2008, a movie from our school entitled "Framed" won a Best Gangster Film award. The boys have had great fun making movies. Have a look at their work. Hopefully we will see some of them on the silver screen in the future. Well done boys!

Manslaughter Movie Framed Movie Murder on Mur Street Movie Fields of Athenry Movie A Child's Life Movie The Invisible Hat Movie The Killer Pizza Shop Movie Crime Doesn't Pay Movie Infection Movie

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