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Other Classes

Our class have been working hard. Older boys have been doing creative writing, including work from Gary:

"Today is Monday, we are going slurrying. We go and fill up the tank. We start up the John Deer and go to the field. We do this for the pheasants so they have something to eat. When we are finished we go back to the farm. We take the tanker off. I help feed the cattle. I get the JCB telly porter to give them hay. I bring home hay to the cattle in the field..."

Michael wrote a story called "The Teachers Secret":

"...one of the teachers was sick. She had spiders in her hair. Her name was Miss Grumpy. We had to dissect frogs. There was another teacher called Mr. No-Homework..."

Younger boys have drawn very happy pictures. Martin drew himself, Charles drew a tractor and Sheldon also drew a picture.

Artwork Artwork Artwork

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