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Computer Room Pupils Use PC

St. Mary's BNS was built in 1943 and the first computers came through our doors in 1985. The Parents Association funded them and they cost an arm and a leg! They were shared among the entire staff and could be seen regularly making their way from one room to the next. This initiative was followed, by the whole school getting involved in a commercial venture, sponsored by the supermarket "Quinnsworth" - the result of which was the addition of an IBM machine. This machine was shared between the secretary and the Resource teachers and was wheeled around the premises daily until it crashed in 1995!

Today we have a state of the art Computer Room with twenty machines, which are networked and have Internet access. We have scanners, data projectors, digital cameras and laser printers. All classrooms currently have at least two PCs which run educational software and are used on a daily basis for literary and project work. Every room in the school will shortly be connected to the Computer Room thus ensuring that every child will have access to the world wide web whereby they can have the opportunity to learn in a multi-sensory environment. Times have changed and St. Mary's BNS are constantly changing with the ICT tide!

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