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St. Mary's BNS enjoys the following facilities:

All Weather Play Area

Since 2003 with help from Kildare Co. Co. and the Parents Association we have had our all weather play area. It is the favourite part of the whole school for our sports fans, and is in constant demand.


We have a state of the art Computer Room and networked computers in every classroom.

PE Hall

This is mainly used by the Junior classes for PE. It is also used for displays, presentations, dramas and other activities. Mr. Coakley takes assembly there every Thursday morning.

Large Playground

This is where we go to play when it is break time, (11 – 11.10am and 12.30 – 1pm). Junior Infants to 2nd Class play on the 'Junior' Yard. The pupils from 3rd to 6th Class play on the 'Senior' Yard as well as the All Weather and Grass pitches. They have extra space because they have organised activities. These are timetabled, with a different activity every day for two weeks – then they start again.

Football Pitch - grass

As well as lunchtime organised activities, the grass pitch is used for class PE, football, soccer and hurling games and school team training.


At the moment we have 18 classrooms. Most are in the main building but we also have some pre-fabs, (while we are waiting for our new building). Every classroom has networked computers. They have ceiling mounted projectors as well.

Resource Teacher Rooms

We have a number of teachers who give additional help to pupils. These Resource teachers provide Learning Support to pupils having difficulty with literacy or numeracy. Some children with Special Educational Needs receive extra help and boys who are learning to speak English also get extra support.


Although we don't have our own swimming pool, we are very lucky to be right beside the NUI Maynooth. They very kindly allow us access to the pool, so the pupils in 5th and 6th classes have swimming on Friday mornings.

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