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Mission Statement

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The mission of St. Mary's BNS in partnership with their teachers and Parents/Guardians, is to educate our pupils to their fullest potential, in an environment where Christian Values are fostered and where they are happy, safe, respect themselves and others and where each child feels equal.

We achieve this for our pupils by:

  • Encouraging them to develop their talents and self confidence while retaining their individuality by means of the curriculum and extra curricular activities.
  • Providing support for them at all times.
  • Making them conscious and proud of our Christian values and Irish heritage.
  • Making them aware that we are living in a changing world and helping them to respect other cultures and religious beliefs.
  • Developing their social and communication skills.
  • Developing their civic spirit through honesty and openness and by being made aware of the needs of others.
  • Maintaining a healthy respect for the environment.

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