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Physical Activity

Active Lines

When the bell rings at lunch-time, every student participates in Active Lines. This takes place on a daily basis. The Active Lines initiative is demonstrated and led by our Active School Committee. Example of exercises include squats, running on the spot, criss-cross legs, high knees and star jumps. The exercises are displayed on the notice board and are changed weekly. They are also announced every Monday over the school intercom by our Active School Committee.

Physical Activity Physical Activity Physical Activity
Demonstration Project

The Special Educational Team Teachers (SETS) have introduced a Programme called 'Smart Moves' with support and guidance from Occupational Therapist Ronan Flynn, as part of the Demonstration Project Initiative that is taking place in the school this year. The Smart Moves Programme is a Motor Skills Development Programme which can be used with children from Junior Infants to sixth class. The programme supports children's Physical Skills Development.

The programme enables teachers to explicitly teach Physical skill in line with the curriculum, thus enabling all children to fully engage in whole class PE lessons. Moreover, the Programme really helps to give children who experience motor difficulty the confidence needed to participate in whole class PE lessons, which in turn boost self-esteem and fosters positive attitudes to Physical Activity.

Physical Activity Physical Activity
Daily Mile

Our school is participating in the Daily Mile inistiative. The aim is to get children jogging/running a mile each day. This is done at the child's own pace. We have measure out a number of routes in our school yard and all-weather pitch. Schools all around Ireland and the U.K. have reported an improvemment in general fitness, concentration and well-being. The Daily Mile is a social activity with a non-competitive atmosphere. This term, we have introduced challenges to the children. Each class level has been given a city in Europe. The children have to log enough miles to reach that city. The Daily Mile has been a great success so far!

Many thanks to running legends Frank Greally and Gary O'Hanlon who came to our school in February to launch it.

Physical Activity Physical Activity Physical Activity Physical Activity

We have a terrific sporting tradition in our school. Click on the links below to read about our all our wonderful sports teams down through the year.




Olympic Handball


Yard Games

Every day during lunch break the children from 3rd to 6th class take part in yard games. The children in each class are organised into teams by their class teacher. The children participate in a different yard game each day. The yard games are run on a rota system. They consist of a combination of mini-size games, individual activities/exercises and fun games. They incorporate a combination of team games, skill-based games and anaerobic activities.

Yard Games link in with the various strands of the Physical Education Curriculum.

Physical Activity Physical Activity Physical Activity

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